Underwood® Meat Spreads

Underwood varieties of sandwich spreads are a terrific choice for snacks, meals, dips and more. Made from premium quality meats and spices, Underwood meat spreads are flavorful and versatile—your simple solution for quick meals or party platter ideas. So put more spice in your life with Underwood meats!

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  • Underwood Deviled Ham Spread

    Underwood Deviled Ham Spread

    Looking for a little spice in your sandwich or appetizer party tray? How about a new way to spice up your egg breakfast? Underwood canned deviled ham spread is the choice for you! Underwood Deviled Ham Spread is also available in an ultra-portable 2.25 OZ container as well!

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  • Underwood Canned Chicken Spread

    Underwood White Meat Chicken Spread

    Why stick with the same old, boring chicken salad? Make your next chicken sandwich devilicious with Underwood white meat chicken spread and taste the difference!

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  • Underwood Roast Beef Spread

    Underwood Premium Roast Beef Spread

    Roast beef makes for a hearty sandwich, but you don’t always have fresh beef on hand, so grab some Underwood roast beef spread and get that meaty roast beef flavor anytime you have a craving for it!

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  • Liver

    Underwood Canned Liverwurst Spread

    Was liverwurst your favorite as a child? Or do you have kids in your family who love it? You can make a liverwurst sandwich anytime you want, just keep canned Underwood liverwurst spread in your pantry all year long.

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